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Seeking Treatment For Drug Addiction In Surrey?

Drug addiction can alter the physical structure and function of the brain, which is why it can be so difficult to combat. Experts have even compared drug addiction to the brain being given a different ‘operating system’.

Many drugs disrupt the way nerve cells work, either by imitating the brain’s natural messengers or by overstimulating the reward circuit of the brain, which means, when tackling addiction, you must confront both the physical and emotional reliance on the drug.

Like many addictions, taking drugs is a way of blotting out emotional pain, with many people using them as a coping mechanism. Friends and family often suffer greatly due to an addict’s behaviour despite wanting to help and support them.

Conquer drug addiction in Surrey with Addiction Care.

Fortunately, such addictions can be conquered. But it is important to tackle both the emotional and physical problems driving your addiction; your will power is also an important part of conquering any addiction, with many studies showing this is a key part of recovery.

For professional help with drug problems in Surrey, Addiction Care are always keen to help you to turn your life around.

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