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Need Help With A Gambling Problem In Berkshire?

Gambling is what’s called an impulse-control disorder and can be caused by a mental health condition known as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). However, not everybody who becomes addicted to gambling has this problem.

Like many addictive habits, gambling is fine in moderation; but it can end up causing huge problems when done in excess, in particular to your bank balance. If the habit becomes secretive, it can also erode the trust between you and your closest friends or family.

With online casinos cropping up everywhere, whether it’s virtual slot machines or online poker, this type of addiction has been on the rise. No casino, whether online or offline, has your best interests at heart; in fact, they encourage gamblers to play as much as possible.

Gambling is an addiction that’s usually about more than just money- it’s usually a symptom of a larger problem is one’s life.

At Addiction Care, our treatment for gambling addiction is ideal for anyone in Berkshire.

Based in Guildford, Surrey, our accredited counsellor regularly helps patients from Berkshire to address their problems with gambling.

Find out more about our treatment for gambling addiction.

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