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Need Help For Alcohol Addiction In Hampshire?

One of the worst addictions is still that of alcohol, which is causing deaths on a huge scale in the UK.

Fresh research published in The Guardian has found that heavy drinking could kill nearly 63,000 people in England in the next five years, and costs the NHS close to £17 billion.

Liver disease remains one of the UK’s biggest killers and claims over 12,000 lives a year, with the disease largely attributed to cheap alcohol. The number of deaths from this disease has risen exponentially since 1970 and shows no signs of abating. Doctors are therefore urging the government to introduce a minimum unit pricing for alcohol, believing they aren’t doing enough to reduce avoidable deaths.

Do you need help for alcohol addiction in Hampshire?

Addiction Care help individuals suffering from a range of addictions in Surrey and Hampshire, including those who have a problem with alcohol or drugs.

When dealing with addiction, one of the hardest things to do is admit you have a problem. At Addiction Care, our therapy begins by helping someone take responsibility for their addiction, which is considered an essential part of recovery.

Whether you’re in Surrey or Hampshire, our clinic in Guildford is easily accessible.

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