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Need A Counsellor For Alcohol Treatment In Surrey?

Do you want to conquer alcohol addiction in Surrey? At Addiction Care, we understand that the first step is often the hardest.

Alcohol is one of the most destructive addictions for both the sufferer and their family. It is not only unpleasant to be around, long-term use can take years off your life.

Figures have shown that those in areas with high alcohol consumption have a lower life expectancy, which means, if they continue to drink, people can lose as much as 19 months of their life.

Millions of men consume an average of 14 units a week but, according to Drink Aware, don’t believe they’re putting their health at risk. This is despite the fact there is a definite link between alcohol and many other serious conditions, including cancer. Recent research found that only 1 in 10 know there is a link between the two.

Alcohol addiction can have devastating consequences, destroying families, damaging relationships, and often ruining someone’s health and career.

At Addiction Care, we offer personalised treatment for every client suffering from alcohol addiction. Based in Guildford, Surrey, our counselling is ideal for those based in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

To take that first step, give us a call on 01483 533 808.

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