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Looking for Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Berkshire?

Was your new year’s resolution to seek treatment for alcohol addiction? If you’re based in the county of Berkshire, Addiction Care are keen to help.

According to Science Daily, gambling addiction triggers the same brain pathways as drug and alcohol addiction. Like alcohol addiction, experts believe it might have a genetic component, but it’s still not known which parts of the brain are involved. What is known is that both types of addiction are extremely detrimental.

While an addiction to gambling can be highly destructive, alcohol addiction can rob you of your life.

At Addiction Care, alcohol addiction is one of the most common problems we treat.

January can be a difficult time to face reality and put your resolutions into action. No matter the time of year, when facing problems with addiction, it’s vital that you have the right emotional support.

If you’re looking for treatment in Berkshire, our Guildford-based clinic could be ideal: we provide one-to-one counselling for many people from Berkshire.

Our treatment focuses on helping clients face their addiction, and exploring the issues that are the driving force behind your drinking. We can help you reclaim your life in 2017 and move onto bigger, better, brighter things.

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