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Looking For Individual Therapy In Hampshire?

‘The first step to getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.’


Do you require individual therapy for a problem with addiction?

If you live in Surrey or Hampshire, our counsellor at Addiction Care wants to help you conquer your addiction in 2017.

Our professional counsellor provides individual therapy for people suffering from many kinds of addiction, including: alcohol or drugs, sex, gaming, problems, co-dependency, over-spending, work and the internet.

Why choose our individual therapy if you’re in Hampshire?

Our counsellor at Addiction Care understands exactly what you’re going through when suffering from addiction. It is a lonely and vulnerable position to be in and it can be frightening to confront your problems. Addiction can leave a trial of destruction behind us, affecting friends, family, work and life in general.

We believe understanding this is crucial to helping somebody move beyond addiction. Sometimes the first step on this journey is the most difficult. Our aim is to support, facilitate and encourage your journey towards recovery.

Forget this lonely place and escape to somewhere better and brighter in 2017.