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Drug Addiction Treatment Hampshire

Drug addiction is a complex problem, affecting both the mind and body. Contrary to misconceptions, going clean takes more than mere will power. This is because repeated use of drugs changes the way the brain functions.

Some people seem more susceptible to addiction than others, with many able to use drugs without getting addicted. However, for others, it can take over their life. Factors which make people vulnerable include a family history of addiction, traumatic experiences in childhood and mental disorders, like depression or anxiety. Drugs are particularly a problem if they fulfil a particular need. For instance, to calm someone when they feel anxious or stressed.

Not only well-known drugs, like cocaine and heroin, are an issue. Unfortunately, there’s also a growing problem of addiction to pain killers or prescription drugs. This is a hidden epidemic in the UK and other countries.

If you’re in Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire, Addiction Care are keen to help. We can help clients move through the denial stage, before exploring the complex issues which cause their addiction.

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