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Find Help with Addiction in Berkshire

Having an addiction is an overwhelming situation to be in, it’s often the only reason to wake up in the morning and overrules daily life. It can destroy relationships, friendships and leave a person feeling alone and isolated, but quite often the only solace an addict can find is in the addiction itself, making life a vicious circle.

Here at Addiction Care, we are specially trained, friendly and can help a person on their addiction journey, from understanding the root of the problem to setting them on a road to recovery and a life free from addiction. All of our 1-1 therapy sessions in Berkshire are tailored to your needs but require your cooperation and total dedication to beating the problem. We run programmes covering gambling addiction, sex, exercise as well as food addiction in Berkshire and Surrey.

Putting your trust in someone is a big ask, but we are dedicated, trustworthy and non-judgmental so please feel rest assured that we are only here to help.

For information regarding addiction help in Berkshire, fill out the contact form on our website and we will get back in touch shortly.

Addiction Help Berkshire

Your life could change for the better with the right addiction help in Berkshire

An addiction can take over your life in a flash- taking you victim and alienating you from your friends and family. Whilst some people are visibly consumed by their addiction, others can hide their addiction from the people closest to them. No matter the position you’re in, if you feel that you’ve got an addiction with food, gambling, games, sex or drugs, finding the right help is key.

Here at Addiction Care we are specialists in dealing with addictions. By using our counselling service, you can talk through your addiction in complete confidence. You will get the chance to work on issues you never thought you’d be able to face, all the while getting the right support throughout your recover.

Just some of the areas of expertise that we cover include:

  • Drug addition treatment Berkshire
  • Alcohol treatment Guildford
  • Food addiction treatment Guildford

In addition, we also provide 1-1 therapy in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

If you would like to go ahead and book a session with us, take the first step today. Fill out the contact form on our website or call us on 01483 533808.