About Us

Who do I work with?

Addiction does not discriminate – so I work with anyone from the age of 16+

People from all walks of life – students, housewife’s, manual workers, professionals. Addiction makes us believe that our problems only apply to us – that in some way we are different and cursed.  When I work together with you – you will realise that no matter who we are – whatever age – addiction causes us all to act the same way.

So treatment means;

The end of your addiction of choice.

No more secrets – lies – covering up – misery.

No more physical problems, financial problems, destruction of social life and relationships.

You take the control back over your life – live your life free of addiction.

The chance to start life again

You have the choice – I can help.

Email or Telephone me now for a quick reply and start your new life free of addiction.