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My name is Peter and I founded Addiction Care.

I understand what clients are going through when they are gripped by an addiction.  Not just the clients but their families and friends as well.

Addiction destroys lives, rips through families, damages relationships, health, careers and opportunities. Its effects are always wide-ranging, often incalculable, and sometimes fatal.

Addiction is also a lonely place. It isolates people from all the social activities they used to enjoy. As addictions become even more entrenched, priorities fall by the wayside. Addiction is all that matters, regardless of the emotional and physical cost.

I understand how vulnerable people can feel. How scary it can be to look at shattered lives and face difficult issues; perhaps for the first time.  Understanding how the client feels is crucial to me being able to help the client.

To start the journey of recovery takes courage and resolve.

You can stop the suffering now – I am here to help you.