Non-residential Day-care Addiction Treatment – So you’ll be home every evening !

Good News! Recovery from addiction is possible. That’s what we facilitate at Addiction Care – the start of a fulfilling new life, free from the relentless grip of addiction.

At Addiction Care, we understand how vulnerable people can feel. How scary it can be to look at shattered lives and face difficult issues; perhaps for the first time, and our level of understanding is one of the crucial keys to our success – a key which can open the door to a new way of life.

But to begin the recovery process, our clients have to dismantle the walls of denial they’ve built to protect themselves. This takes enormous courage. Yet at some deep level, they already know they’re destroying themselves and their loved ones.

At our confidential, obligation-free Initial Assessment, we ask clients questions such as:

> How preoccupied are they with the focus of their addiction?

> Have they become obsessive and/or compulsive around it?

> What impact has this had on the rest of their lives?